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Thread: anything goin down this weekend?

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    anything goin down this weekend?

    i will be in socal area this weekend... any places i should check out?

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    I'm from San Francisco but some places I've heard about in Los Angeles are Avaland, Vanguard and Circus.

    If i can think of others, I'll let you know. Then again, it looks like you were there a couple weekends ago so not sure if this info is still helpful.
    Mark Won

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    hey can add me as a friend or something ......guys and girls !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarinChavez View Post
    hey can add me as a friend or something ......guys and girls !!!!
    to forums mate
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    Avaland is fun. seb fontaine is spinning. cool place.

    Spundae is fun. not sure whats up at vanguard tonight. i know that on sundays it has Deep, which is like house music. pretty fun.

    there is a smaller bar, Dragon which i really like that spins house. its a small place but really cool. dancin and booths to chill.

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    my sister lives in LA. and been to Avaland or Avalan anyways its like in Hollywoord Blvd i think but i was too drunk to rmemeber lol anyways it was great music, they had a DJ from Israel and at the time I wasnt in to Trance as much as iam not.. but i m goin back end of Feb cant wait!!!!!!

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    Thanks Headrush for letting us know about Dragon! I'll be sure to check it out the next time i'm down in SoCal. Sounds like Fun!
    Mark Won

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