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Thread: How to produce trance? (and any other electronic genre for that matter)

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    Question How to produce trance? (and any other electronic genre for that matter)

    I recently started out making music and I can make some catchy melodies, but I'm having big troubles adding more sounds to the song as I can't make something good out of it. I would like to mainly produce trance but there's also another road bump. VSTs. I can currently just afford something around 100 dollars and would like to keep it free*. Maybe someone could post a tutorial and a few links to some good VSTs? (as mentioned, I prefer free ones but if they're great enough to be worth paying for, why not?)

    * Pirating is not my thing so I hope not to see any TPB links or other illegal links

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    There are some few different music production programs out there you can try. I mostly use FL Studio. It has a nice interface and it's not too complicated. It is loop based so it is great for Trance and Techno.

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