DR039 Laura May feat. Charlie - Wicked & Breathe

Original Mix
Dub Mix
Ian Standerwick Remix
Liquid Vision Respray

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Worldwide release - 26th November 2012

Digitized is proud to provide you with yet another massive vocal trance release. This time we have Laura May feat Charlie - Wicked and Breathe. Centered around the gorgeous vocals from Charlotte Creyton aka Charlie, this classic feel good track will give just about any vocal trance fans goosebumps popping out of their ears!

On remix duties we are happy to have 2 hugely talented producers. 'Ian Standerwick' and 'Liquid Vision'. Ian Standerwick uses his experience and excellent production abilities and pulls out the original versions melody and vocals to create his own spin on this beautiful track. A big track for the uplifting vocal trance fans of the world.

We also are also really excited to present 'Liquid Vision', who is deservedly going from strength to strength at the moment with his timeless hard work in the studio. He takes the track down a totally different route, with a chunky progressive feel which suits the track very well and will go down well on any dance floor.

We hope you enjoy yet another high quality release from Digitized Recordings.

The release has had huge support from the likes of the following:

Sean Tyas, Marten Dejong, Ally Brown, Paul Pearson, Acues, Amitacek, Estigma, Lazarus, Les Hemstock, Glynn Alan, David McRae, Stuart Wooster, Joni Ljungqvist, Gareth Weston, Kaeno, Adam Meza, Pusher, George Vemag, Ollie Jaye, Karanda, Andrea Mazza, El Jay, Greg Downey, Markus Schulz, Above The Clouds, Crystal Clouds, TrancEye, Yaz, Suzy Solar, Chaim Mankoff, Ozzy XPM, Tom Yelland, Brett Wood, Curtis & Craig, Full Effect, TheInflux, El Haag Martin, System Restore, Space Garden, Physical Phase, Mark Winstanley, , M.I.K.E., tranzLift, Robert Vadney, Gav Pilling, Akira Kayosa, Chris Cockerill, James Alexander, Ciro Visone, Magdelayna, Bryan Summerville, Manuel Le Saux, Giuseppe Ottaviani, North Pole, Si Whelan, Dave Deen, Cliffy Burrows plus many more.

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Original Mix:


Dub Mix:


Ian Standerwick Remix:


Liquid Vision Respray: