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Thread: Annoucment of retirement from Afterhours.FM and extended leave.

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    Annoucment of retirement from Afterhours.FM and extended leave.

    Note to mods: I do not know exactly what thread to post this in, but I don't want 1000's of emails asking where I am, so I am posting announcments on the biggest forums I contribute to. Move this topic to whatever sub-forum you see fit.

    Dear Friends,

    This is DJ Sentinel (Ezra,) and due to family circumstances I will not be able to use a computer or internet source for an extended period of time. In addition I will not have a computer for any matter. This is halting my production and I am currentely canceling all collaborations, mastering, or any other collaborative work for that matter. I am deeply sorry this has to happen, as the internet is my really only connection ourside of the town of bleh I live in.

    This also means that I will be canceling my bi-weekly show, Trancectomy. It was fun while it lasted.

    I hope to see you all later this year. Peace out,
    DJ Sentinel

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    Take care sentinel, come back and visit when you can!
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    Bye, good luck with family circumstances

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    family first

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    like sonic said, family first, hope it all goes well mate.
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    sorry to hear this!

    we will waiting for your returning here!

    same place!
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    You will be sorely missed.

    family before everything - look after yourself and your's.

    good luck see you anon.
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    Family> other things.. Good luck dude!

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    Sorry to hear! Bye
    Stealing Aga <3

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