Delacroix & Kevin Mayer - The Hook

Delacroix (AKA Dave Pagani) is a musician, DJ and producer hailing from Miami Beach in Florida USA. Born in Italy and living in France he showed passion for music as a child. After years of producing pop productions, Delacroix has teamed up with Fabio XB, DJ producer of 'Symsonic Music' (who produces under labels at calibers of Armada Music, Black Hole, Vandit, Drizzly, etc.), to form a close work alliance with various new projects. Delcroix teams up on this release with Kevin Mayer to deliver The Hook.

"The Hook" features some stunning remixes by DJ Shy, Yves De Lacroix & Albert A-Yellow Remix and a great rework by Fabio XB.

"The Hook" is out Now!


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