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Thread: Second Way - Vladivostok 7520/Bison [Unearthed Red] Out now!

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    Second Way - Vladivostok 7520/Bison [Unearthed Red] Out now!

    Retuning to Unearthed Red are Second Way with another great two track EP. First out of the box is Vladivostok 7520, a cool melodic number with plenty of drive complete with a smooth breakdown which develops from lush pads and a piano into a superb uplifting riff.

    On the b-side is the funkier Bison. With a crunchy electro trance bassline, the track builds with some groovy percussion fills and melody lines to unleash a euphoric breakdown with some dubstep drum influences before dropping into a traditional trance mainsection. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this track to make it unique!

    1. Second Way - Vladivostok 7520 (Original Mix)
    2. Second Way - Bison (Original Mix)

    Release info:

    Release date: 26th of November Beatport Exclusive!
    10th of December at all other major download portals!

    Available from: Beatport, Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown, DjDownload + More



    Second Way - Vladivostok 7520 (Original Mix)

    Second Way - Bison (Original Mix)

    Out now at Beatport:

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    thanks! Unearthed <3

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