Aerofoil - Dub Stab!

Nick van Mansum - nowadays better known to the world as AEROFOIL - has left a long thread throughout the history of electronic dance music, releasing many tracks including the massive hit "Oslo Anthem" the 2 A.M E.P with "Plank Effect" and the massive "Afterburned / ID Frenzy" on Coldharbour Recordings.

Dub Stab! see's Aerofoil's 2nd release on Future Focus Recordings with already huge success with his collaboration with E&G on Super Sopha! & Kittyboost 2012 and his timeless remix for Clay C / Switch.

On remixing duties is a superb remix by Trance Legends and label Bosses Binary Finary who have teamed up with new comers Pulse & Sphere.

"Dub Stab!" is out Now!


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