Max Martiny-White Symphony Episode 06

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1. Aeris Feat Jess Morgan - What Do You Feel? (Re:Locate Vs. Robert Nickson Banging Remix) [Molekular Sounds]
2.Exostate - Easily I Fell (Ferry Tayle 'The Wizard' Remix) [Enhanced]
3.Trance Arts & Colin James Somnium (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
4.Falcon - Aquila (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
5.Red Sky - Sigma (Touchstone Remix) [Digitized]
6.Ellie Lawson with Adrian & Raz - A New Moon (Kaimo K Remix) [Adrian & Raz]
7.Arisen Flame - The Secret Of 2012 (Uplifting Mix) [Perceptive]
8.Orla Feeney & Lisa Lashes - Mind Control (James Dymond Remix) [Lashed]
9.Talla 2XLC - Starz (James Dymond Remix) [Tetsuo]
10.Photographer - Airport (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

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