DJ Name: Zsage
*How long you have been a DJ: 2 years
*Style of music played: Tech-Trance
*Bio: Hello everyone, after years of clubbing and partying few years ago I got inspired that I would also want to be a part of these events we where having here in cold and harsh northern Finland. There aren't that many proper DJ's from where I come from but I've noticed that my taste for music was so much different than many of my friends so I started working on building new connections and finally found someone that got a few gigs for me and since then I've been playing here at Rovaniemi, Finland in all sorts of clubs and some nightclub gigs (that i mostly didnt enjoy that much). I started out with prog-psy as a genre since it was on the rise and it seemed to get me those early opening gigs easier than peak time bangers, but I've always been a huge trance fan. Here in Finland the underground scene is really about harder sounds and techno so my taste for trance might be a big ruff compared to usual sets but the i think it just combines the love for trance with underground vibes and mixes it all up to a huge salad that I personally enjoy. (cant say the same for my friends :D)

Heres my latest tech-trance set, might be a big harder than usually but lately I've been searching for even darker sounds so this might be a good for a first step here on Enjoy!

01. John Askew, Sean Tyas - Melbourne / Nailgun (Chris & Matt Kidds Intro Mash Up) [Discover Dark]
02. Gary Maguire - Sunyata (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
03. Bryan Kearney - Backbreaker (Colin James & Indecent Noise Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
04. Bryan Kearney - Ridiculous (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
05. Indecent Noise vs Des McMahon - Surge (Will Rees Remix) [Discover Dark]
06. Origin - Limbo (Peter Plaznik Remix) [Discover White Label]
07. Ian Booth - The Gold Rush (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
08. Mark Leanings - Guiding Light (Peter Plaznik Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
09. John Askew - Drive The Room (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
10. Matt Skyer - Bad Trip (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
11. Gary Maguire - Missing Pieces (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
12. The Visitors, Thr3shold - Sektor V (Original Mix) [Night Vision (Spinnin)]
13. Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise - Uncommon World (Bowdidge & Taylor Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]

Download Link:

PS. I would really love to get some feedback!