Hello there i am a new member here xD , so to star with some contributions, i've made an EOYC mix including some of my first releases and other tunes that i like too.

1-The Sacred Moon_Forma Sonata
2-The Sacred Moon_Still Remember
3-Laucco Vs Tecnomind_White Rose (The Sacred Moon Remix)
4-The Sacred Moon_Rosmeri
5-Mark Leanings_Guiding Light (Matt Skyer Remix)
6-Trance Arts & Colin James_Somnium
7-Eugene Karnak_Osiris (Original Tech Mix)
9-Ar-2_Dreams (Jorge Caballero Pres Andherson Remix) & Joc_Where Is The Initiative [Live Mashup]



Hope you a great 2013! yeh!