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Thread: Crystal Clouds adds Aly & Fila, Daniel Vale

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    Crystal Clouds adds Aly & Fila, Daniel Vale

    For what seems like an eternity - Crystal Clouds is ready to announce the two new DJs who will be entering the realms here!

    Most of you will know them, however for those who don't, are you in for a surprise!

    First up we have the world renowned Aly & Fila!

    Famous for their uplifting trance style, Aly & Fila mix an array of shows including the Future Sound of Egypt and Spiritual Moment.

    Not only this, but they are established producers as well making a good few of the best trance tunes in the last few years.

    2007 looks set to be another big year for them with the highly anticipated "Ankh" being playlisted by Armin in A State of Trance and a wide range of other well known DJs.

    Crystal Clouds is looking forward to seeing what Aly & Fila have to offer mix wise, although we think everybody can guess that it will only be quality set after quality set.

    Next up we have the fantastic Vale, who already has quite a large following at Crystal Clouds!

    Known for his harder style, Vale will certainly never leave u bored with his
    Event Horizon show from

    Vale doesnt stop there either - he also does mixes for AfterHours LIVE!

    Crystal Clouds guarantees that you will enjoy the mixture of sets which will be available this year.

    For those who enjoy the odd exclusive track as well, be aware that Vale and Steve Allen formed Diverted Recordings late last year and thus many of the tracks could be playlisted here first.

    Judging by their first few releases, the Diverted Recordings label looks like it will be a stormer, so don't miss out on news related to their releases!


    For more information on both Aly & Fila and Vale, check out their Biographies by clicking the "Read More" link in the Related Links below and scrolling down.

    In addition to this you can also visit their websites.

    When you have caught up on them, why not visit the welcome forum posts in the forums and leave a Welcome to Crystal Clouds message.

    Downloads will be available very soon!

    Related Links:

    Aly & Fila Homepage
    Offshore Music
    Vale's Myspace
    Diverted Recordings
    Read More

    Welcome Aly & Fila
    Welcome Vale

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    Does this include Aly's exclusive shows that Afterhours gets monthly?
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    I know aly and fila and vale!
    Stealing Aga <3

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