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Thread: Orangereya: The Place To Be (Mixed By The Orange) [Iji Recordings]

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    Orangereya: The Place To Be (Mixed By The Orange) [Iji Recordings]

    OUT NOW | Beatport Exclusive:

    Release summary:

    Get relaxed and close your eyes - it's time to get ultimate lounge feel with the latest volume of Orangereya as the second one in the series 'Orangereya - The Place To Be' is here to chill your mind and move you within.

    Going on Iji Music since 2011, the series is something for you to treat yourself to a little break from it all and let yourself be taken on a musical journey. Particularly compiled and mixed by Iji Music's favourite Vasiliy Dvortsov, better known as The Orange, 'Orangereya - The Place To Be' brings you to the world of deep atmospheres - with calming melodies, ambient moods and extremely soft beats - everything to clear your mind within the music journey.

    This volume of Orangereya series called 'The Place To Be' brings a special selection of down-tempo and chill melodies with 16 quality and easy-listening productions by Sad Radio On Cassini, Den Rize pres. D.R., Dave Costa, Alex Pich, Soarsweep and other trance and chillout masters.

    'Orangereya - The Place To Be' is the perfect blend of chill and ambient melodies for the ears of every trance and chillout music enthusiast out there to hold the world for a while.

    DJ / Radio support:

    Markus Schulz, Ben Bording, Danny Grunow, Jacob Hansen, Mario Rybansky, Snake Sedric, Mixadance Radio and others.


    Artists: The Orange
    Title: Orangereya: The Place To Be (Mixed By The Orange)
    Beatport date: 31/12/2012
    All stores: 31/12/2012


    1. Sad Radio On Cassini - Stars Shine Through The Overcast Sky (Original Mix)
    2. Sad Radio On Cassini - Soyuz Flying To MKS 02 April 2010 (Original Mix)
    3. Dave Costa - Disclosure (Original Mix)
    4. Den Rize pres. D.R. – Bright (Original Mix)
    5. Sad Radio On Cassini - Coming Home Dreaming On (Original Mix)
    6. Soarsweep - If There Was Love (Original Mix)
    7. R.I.B – Imagination (Original Mix)
    8. Sad Radio On Cassini - Lost Tape (Original Mix)
    9. Alex Pich & Shinobi – Somnambulist (Original Mix)
    10. Den Rize pres. D.R. – Eternal (Live Draft)
    11. Den Rize pres. D.R. – Reminiscent (Live Draft)
    12. Sad Radio On Cassini – Winter Nights (Original Mix)
    13. Sad Radio On Cassini - Ya Nashel More (Original Mix)
    14. Den Rize pres. D.R. - The Day We Met (Original Mix)
    15. Sad Radio On Cassini - Landing Shuttle (Original Mix)
    16. Dave Costa - Out Of Time (Original Mix)
    17. The Orange - Orangereya - The Place To Be (Continuous DJ Mix)

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