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Thread: Andres Sanchez - Lacerate/Dischord [Unearthed Records] Out now!

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    Andres Sanchez - Lacerate/Dischord [Unearthed Records] Out now!

    Opening proceedings in 2013 on Unearthed Records is Andres Sanchez with a monstrous two track EP. First out the box is Lacerate, a banging trancer with a storming saw riff backed up by some strong chunky beats, glistening pads and fizzing arpeggios.

    On the flip side is Dischord, another peak time trancer. Dischord teases in the melody lines up to the breakdown where it climaxes and drops into a groovy techy section, ideal for the dancefloor.

    1. Andres Sanchez - Lacerate (Original Mix)
    2. Andres Sanchez - Dischord (Original Mix)

    Release info:

    Release date: Out now at Beatport:
    11th of February at all other major download portals!

    Available from: Beatport, Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown, DjDownload + More



    Andres Sanchez - Lacerate (Original Mix)

    Andres Sanchez - Dischord (Original Mix)


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    amazing release!

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