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Thread: Mister Chill'R - Oblique Oblivion EP [Waveguild Records]

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    Cool Mister Chill'R - Oblique Oblivion EP [Waveguild Records]

    Mister Chill'R continues to bring you the freshest classically-inspired beats with Oblique Oblivion, a five-track EP with slow, blissful, spacey beats, strings and synths. Additional composition, mixing and mastering by Planewalker.


    1. Maggiore Malinconia
    2. Chilled Cassation
    3. Somber Sanctus
    4. Forgotten Fantasy
    5. Oblique Oblivion

    Released February 1, 2013!
    Available exclusively on Beatport until March 1, 2013!

    Stream the entire EP on Soundcloud:

    Also check out Mister Chill'R's website and discography:
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