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Thread: Aerosoul & John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (+ Nigel Good, Schodt mixes) [Silk Royal]

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    Aerosoul & John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (+ Nigel Good, Schodt mixes) [Silk Royal]

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    Silk Royal is thrilled to welcome Spanish duo Aerosoul to the imprint, with a fresh revival of their 2006 underground classic "Time Is By Your Side." Aerosoul consists of Joan Fernandez & Ivan Torrent, two extremely versatile talents, who combine decades of experience in both the production and DJ arenas. Their celebrated discography includes the global hits "Isla Blanca," "Sometimes," and "Al Despertar," the musicality and emotional depth of which continue to resonate to this day. Silk Royal's new single release -- the label's 45th -- also includes fresh takes by Schodt & Nigel Good, two of the label's most trusted and accomplished acts. These two phenomenal musicians were responsible for various top-charting hits in progressive house and trance on Beatport in 2012, from Schodt's "Heatwave" and "Wild At Heart" to Nigel Good's "Altara" & "Burner" remixes.

    The release kicks off with a fresh, peak-hour take by Canadian sensation Nigel Good, whose hyper-modern take on melodic progressive house has earned him great international acclaim, including radio support by Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Jaytech, Solarstone, Matt Darey, and many more in 2012. His remix begins with a suspenseful, rolling bassline; suddenly, John Ward's soulful main verse punctuates the mix and immediately infuses the song with a deep emotional resonance. Not only is Nigel's edgy vocal processing noteworthy, but he also has "spliced" into the mix completely new vocal samples, which have been integrated so seamlessly that you would swear they were from the original recording. Meanwhile, an uplifting chord progression and electro-tinged bassline give the track an ecstatic peak-hour energy. In the main break, the vocal is given full "anthemic" focus, while various anticipatory effects create huge suspense for the awe-inspiring drop to follow.

    The second remixer in the release, Danish star Schodt, could not have answered the challenge of writing a completely "outside the box" new rendering of a classic more brilliantly. With radio support from Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Matt Darey, tyDi, and more in 2012, Schodt continues to garner accolades from the industry elite. No stranger to the progressive breaks genre, this take would more accurately be described as progressive "dubstep," as it centers on a massive, oscillating bassline that is more representative of the latter genre. Another main motif of the song is an extremely innovative vocal stutter sequence, which is used in conjunction with the bass to create a high-octane soundscape from the song's onset. After an initial bass progression, the song presents a teaser break, in which we first hear the vocal with the beautiful Balearic-influenced guitar, also extracted from the Original Mix. In the main break, we are again treated to this lush combination of sounds, along with a light breakbeat rhythm that soon evolves into a massive dubstep drop. Although we have never released dubstep before, we could not be more proud to showcase Schodt's inspired effort here.

    Last but not least, the package includes Aerosoul's stunning original mix, which remains a poignant highlight of the the ever-evolving progressive genre. An energetic, "tribal" beat unites early with a hypnotic feedback delay effect. Soon thereafter, the main guitar riff emerges, in full Balearic glory, as well as the transcendent lead synth theme. The slow crescendo of the build sets up the unforgettable main break, featuring the emotive baritone of John Ward. As he sings the richly poetic, beautiful, and life-affirming titular lyrics, we are transported by Ward's mesmerizing voice, further heightened by the gorgeous guitar work and full-bodied vocal processing of Aerosoul. We are deeply appreciative to have the opportunity to present a few modern takes on "Time Is By Your Side," as well as honor the original track, a true inspiration to Silk Music.

    Cat#: SILKRL045
    Beatport release date: February 4th, 2013
    iTunes release date: February 18th, 2013
    Genre: progressive trance, progressive house
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

    01 Aerosoul feat. John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (Nigel Good Remix)
    02 Aerosoul feat. John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (Schodt Remix)
    03 Aerosoul feat. John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (Original Mix)

    Myon & Shane 54, Andy Moor, Bart Claessen, Jaytech, Mike Shiver, Kenneth Thomas, Shawn Mitiska

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