One of he biggest names that influenced uplifting world few yeas back was surely this man. Many of us remember him for his euphoric and very orchestral works. Slovenian producer Reconceal is now back to the scene with his brand new EP including two magnificent tunes Renascentia II and Proof Of Mystery.

DJ/Radio Support: ReOrder (In Trance I Believe 160), Estigma (Trancendental Sessions 040), Markus Schulz, Bjorn Akesson, Manuel Le Saux, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Akira Kayosa, Simon Bostock, Suncatcher, Tranceferencia, RAM, Ex-Driver, Odonbat & Grooby, Kaeno, Dave Deen, Matt Trigle, Crystal Clouds and more...

Renascentia II is a club banger since the first beat. You can feel the vibe building up, gaining on energy with every little sound. When the piano kicks in, accompanied with the sips of main melody be sure that this one will embed in your heart forever. Breakdown will cool you down for a bit so you can close your eyes and wait for the energetic leads counting down the time before launch into a complete euphoria.

Proof Of Mystery goes deeper and strictly holds on to the club way of sound. Reconceal takes no sideways and keeps you excited to the last moment so you wish it never stops. Main melody is truly influenced by his past works so you can get ready once more for the true euphoria.

Thank you all for your support