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Thread: Roddy Reynaert & Adelaide Carleton - Ronckland [Ifonika Recordings]

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    Cool Roddy Reynaert & Adelaide Carleton - Ronckland [Ifonika Recordings]

    Roddy Reynaert & Adelaide Carleton - Ronckland (Original Mix) [Ifonika Recordings]

    OUT NOW! Beatport Exclusive:

    Hot on the heels of Ifonika's debut release earlier in January comes Ronckland, the label's first collaborate production from two of its founding members.

    Ifonika luminary, Roddy Reynaert, has joined forces with up-and-comping producer Adelaide Carleton (Allegro, Never Knew) to create Ronckland - a melody inspired by both Roddy's hometown of Roncq in France, and Adelaide's hometown, Auckland in New Zealand.

    Starting out slowly, channelling the distinctly progressive sound both Roddy and Adelaide have cultivated in recent years, Ronckland gradually builds, layer upon layer, to deliver an evocative aural journey for the listener.

    The tune is catchy, light and upbeat, invoking feelings of elation and expectancy, fortified by a solid bassline and polished structure. You'll find yourself humming this tune, and tapping your foot, long after it's finished.

    Release Date: 11th February 2013 on Beatport Exclusive, 25th February 2013 on all stores
    Catalog Number:
    Ifonika Recordings

    Support from:
    Andy Moor, Protoculture, Ferry Tayle, Ryan Mendoza, Rafael Osmo, Aaron Camz, Karanda, Kris O'Neil, Omnia, Kiholm, Thomas Datt, Toby Hedges, Matt Fax, Sebastian Weikum, Danilo Ercole, Embliss, M.I.K.E., Maarten de Jong, Zack Roth, Pierre in the Air, Matt Bowdidge, Shawn Mitiska, Tom Nucleus, Answer42, David Folkebrant, EDU, Progressive House Worldwide, Vadim Soloviev, David Broaders, Luca Lombardi, Bilal El Aly, Alexey Sonar, August Rush, Blood Groove & Kikis, Blugazer and Leolife.


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    Next Release:
    IFR003 Roddy Reynaert - Pyro/Vril OUT 18th February 2013
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