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Silk Digital kicks off 2013 with Espen's "From Floppy", a track that was first introduced on Silk Royal Showcase 02 and is now available as a full single. Veteran fans of progressive house are already familiar with Norwegian star Espen, who is widely considered one of the leading lights of the genre. In addition to "From Floppy", which now comes equipped with a tremendous rendering by Justin Oh, we are thrilled to present "Monday", a brand new track that showcases Espen's more melodic side.

The Original Mix begins with classical and groovy progressive house rhythm and rolling bassline, which submerge the listener into a deep reverie. At the quarter turn, a lush and truly hypnotic lead arp begins to emerge, while other cavernous bass effects fill out the low end. The innovative rhythm builds intensity, as the layered arp follows suit in a slow crescendo. There is no "main" break in this one, but rather a series of "teaser" breaks which signal changes in mood and rhythm. Just past the midpoint, the song reaches its climax, and a cathartic release is evoked in the listener, as the bassline finally "resolves" into a full progression.

Justin Oh, who has quickly achieved "artist-to-watch" status with several tremendous productions of late and top international DJ support, offers the one and only remix in the pack. Hailing from South Korea, Justin Oh draws influences from trance, progressive, and even 80's-influenced disco house, a hodgepodge of which can be heard in this inspired, dancefloor-friendly take. An explosive rhythm and bassline jet out of the gate early, while futuristic pads move swiftly throughout the stereo field. Soon thereafter, a new variation on the main arp motif emerges - it's a bit more intricate and trance-centered than the original theme. The soundscape continues to fill out with a flurry of atmospheric effects, lead synth layers, and trance-y side melodies. In the main break, these elements drift into the background, as a new piano lead is employed to poignant effect.

Finally, Espen offers the B-side original "Monday", which is a much more laid back and "sunny" affair, centered on warm, resonant synth layers. A steady and snappy beat, guides the listener along, while various lead synth plucks and arp lines reinforce the jovial mood. Uplifting new melody lines are introduced at various "stages", as there are not traditional breakdowns in this one. By the song's midpoint, Espen has convinced us that "Monday" is an underrated day of the week.

Cat#: SILK061
Beatport release date: February 12th, 2013
iTunes release date: February 26th, 2013
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Espen - From Floppy (Original Mix)
02 Espen - From Floppy (Justin Oh Remix)
03 Espen - Monday (Original Mix)

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