1. Original Mix

2. Ahmed Romel Remix

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A & Z return once more to Fraction Records main imprint with another slice of action-packed main room weaponry entitled 'Gloom'!

The Original Mix is a sultry, atmospherically charged affair throughout. Driving kicks and flowing percussive grooves underpin the gritty bass lines and throbbing sub tones superbly, whilst the enchanting chord melodies and super sized effects firmly grip the floor. On the break, haunting vocals capture the vibe to perfection before unveiling the sizzling hook leads in full, resulting in a real hair raising drop for those peak crowds!

On the flip, Ahmed Romel kicks the tempo up and injects the mix with energizing rolling basses, power soaked synths and acid filled backdrops to really lift the track into full scale uplifting territory. Fully locked,loaded and ready for action everytime, this is not to be missed!

Another essential workout from A & Z!

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