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Thread: The longest search of a track ! coming from a Judge Jules 2003's DJ set

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    Question The longest search of a track ! coming from a Judge Jules 2003's DJ set

    Hi everyone !

    I listened to a re-play of this mix in 2004 (however, this mix has been recorded live @ Cream in Amnesia, Ibiza). The aim of this new thread is to find the ID tracks of the Judges Jules mix. The Judges jules begins at 1h58m56s :

    Essential Mix Live With Oakenfold, Tiesto, Judge Jules, Fergie & Halliwell @ Cream in Amnesia 10/08/2003 full set.

    The actual playlist is this one (as it is written by andrewkr6 , the person who uploaded this beautiful and rare mix on Youtube).
    "Poloroid So Damn Beautiful (Decode)
    Unknown Unknown (Closet)
    Azure Sunset (white label)
    Harry Diamond + The Lost Boys I Need You Now (w/c)
    Ferry Corsten Rock Your Body (-)
    Ricky Fobis No Regular (ID+T)(BXR)
    Tiesto Traffic (white label)
    Freeloader Pure Devotion (white label)
    Airscape Untitled (white label)
    Sotex Unknown (white label)
    Robert Natus Unus Pro Multi (Sub Sounds)"

    I search for years and now this how the playlist looks like :

    01 - Polaroid - So Damn Beautiful (Dogzilla's Rewired Mix) [Decode]
    02 - VPL - It's Show Time [Closet] -->
    03 - ID - ID
    04 - Azure - Sunset [White Label] --> The song that makes a cover of Cassius's vocals of "The Sound Of Violence (see on )
    05 - The Lost Brothers - Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now) -->
    06 - Ricky Fobis - No Regular
    07 - Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body
    08 - Tiesto - Traffic
    09 - ID - ID
    10 - ID - ID
    11 - Airscape - ID (It seems to be "Airscape - Sosei")
    12 - Michael Woods - Solex ---> (instead of Sotex)
    13 - Robert Natus - Unus Pro Multi (Sub Sounds) -->

    If someone have the name of one or more of the ID tracks, please let me know by answering to this thread because I really love this wonderful mix :-)
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    Number 9 sounds like something by Push/M.I.K.E.
    I know number 10 but cant remember the name! Is it Art Of Trance?

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    Think one of them might be... Freeloader - Pure Devotion
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