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Thread: Muff - Trance Session

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    Muff - Trance Session


    im 26years old dj from Czech Republic. Im djing about 8 years. Favourite genre are Trance and Progressive. i'm producing my own show (called) Trance Session for some time and i've found out that your radio is broadcasting many similiar
    (sets,things,broadcasts..). i would be honored if my show could take
    place in your broadcast too (2 times every mounth (14 days)). Its always live using Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKII
    players, DJM-800, recorded by soundforge and encoded by Lame encoder. No mixing software (like ableton, reason or traktor).

    my last episode nr24 with AH jingles:


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    First off i want to say WELCOME
    I will feed my ears with this set. Thank you..

    Edit: What i do hear is many ups and downs. Some tracks are really choon, others not.

    Afterhours only plays Exclusive shows with exeption to Playground of Danjo And Styles. Are you playing your show somewhere else already?

    Also, 2x 2hours per month is barely able to giveout. Maybe you could mix a new set of 60 min with the best tracks and skills you have?

    Could you please upload a trackslist of this 2 hour set?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Laan,

    im not playing my show somewhere.

    Cape Town - Percivalesque (Original Mix)
    Eluna - Severance (Markus Schulz vs. Elevation Remix)
    Babes - Stimulate (Dogzillas Depth Charge Mix)
    Mike Shiver - Morning Drive (Probspot Remix)
    Spiral Story - Spiral Story (Minds Eye Feat. Emphased Reality Remix)
    The Nomads - The Holy Land Spirit (DJ Shahs Balearic Sundown Mix)
    Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Extended Mix)
    Under Sun - Capoeira (Hawk Remix)
    EnMass - CQ (Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky 2007 Remix)
    Vascotia - Avalon (Adam Nickey Remix)
    Daniel Kandi - Nova (Original Rise Mix)
    Emotional Horizons - Mayflower
    Nautical Imagery - Distant Dreams (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
    Mellomaniacs - Tribute To 1998 (Pedro Del Mar Remix)
    Joint Operations Centre - Elevator Dance Off (Marc Van Linden & Sandra Flyn Remix)
    Rafael Frost - Out Of Time
    John O Callaghan - Elevator Dance Off
    E-Craig - Home (212 instrumental mix)
    A Force - Electronic Emotions
    Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Original Mix)
    Los Angeles - In Motion (Original Mix)

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    track list is interesting i'll download this set
    and of course welcome :hello: Muff
    I cook...planets!

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    DL now will listen...
    Most listened to Trance Radio - AH.FM
    Love AH.FM? become today.

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