Release Date: 25 March 2013

01. Original Mix
02. E&G Remix

After many succesful releases on several labels and his top 'Gorilla Tour' track, Tonerush joins the forces of Darkpload Records with a thumping tune called 'Fear In Not An Option'. The original mix connects what's the most important thing in #darkalliance releases, the dark atmosphere with a modern big room sounds, which are very much anticipated by the clubbers around the world nowadays. Huge main theme and deep bassline really works well together and makes the dancefloor to be filled easily.

A remix from a hot duo from Norway known from their massive tracks with Aerofoil, E&G, is even more energetic and driving than the original. The great usage of the main melody with a characteristic E&G bass is a really great interpretation of 'Fear Is Not An Option' and is really causing some serious damage on the dancefloor. That makes the whole package a must have for every DJ who wanna rock the crowd and make the people go nuts.