Ok, before anyone decides to throw a chair at me, the only reason I am asking for such a request is because I am about to dj a 5k for mostly kids (there will be some teens running as well), so I know that they will enjoy house & dubstep more. I wont be playing much dubstep (since its hard to find quality dubstep in the 1st place), but thats not what the thread is about.

I know that some house tracks are mixed into some djs sets on ah.fm. I would like to get input from both fans & djs (if any djs have some time available to even read this thread in the 1st place) for good hard, bangin house & electro house tracks.

I will attempt to play like 1-2 trance tracks, but they have to be very selective & absolutely blasting with energy! Btw, this 5k race will happen on April 6th, so gotta have the track info by the last week of this month. Look forward to hearing what you people have to say about this.