1. Regenerate

2. Altair

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Armin van Buuren support!

Paul Todd continues to deliver the finest in roof raising uplifting-trance on Fraction Records with his latest double A-sided thriller entitled 'Regenerate / Altair'!

Regenerate opens the release superbly - finely crafted percussion rhythms and glowing bass rollers fuse perfectly to really drive the floor, whilst the swirling top synth sequences and sultry chord lines charge the atmosphere to perfection. On the break, pressure levels are sent through the roof as the hook lines are unveiled resulting in a hair raising drop in section that delivers every single time!

On the flip, Altair further fuels the uplifting floors with more hazy melodics and enchanting breakdown sections encased in powerful, crowd controlling atmospheres to really seal another huge outing in style! Unmissable!

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