1. Undo

2. Indigo Man

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Taras Bazeev delivers a super double A-sider on Fraction's main imprint with the deliciously cool, progressive workout: 'Undo / Indigo Man'!

Undo is a classy production from start to finish. Twisting bass rhythms and pumping percussive loops drive the track superbly, whilst menacing chord sequences and hard saturated synth patterns deliver the atmosphere for the floor. With body shaking grooves and pressure soaked chords at the forefront throughout, Undo delivers maximum progressive pleasure to the crowd!

Indigo Man continues the dark-edged theme superbly with more penetrating bass lines and sprawling synth sequences underpinning the mix with ease. Shimmering pads and rising effects charge the atmosphere to perfection once again for another action-packed floor slammer - don't miss this!

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