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Thread: Recording a DJ set live on stage HELP!

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    Question Recording a DJ set live on stage HELP!


    I'm just wondering about how I could record my DJ set live on a stage. Someone just hired me to DJ in the summer and I wanna know if anyone knows how to record my set live on a stage so everyone (like you guys, my family, and my friends) can listen to my set again or later. Does anyone know how to record live DJ stages. I wanna make it sound like other professional DJ sets like A State of Trance anniversary specials like ASOT 550 or 600 where I just wanna hear the crowd too.

    Please and

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    maybe that help , i use cubase. but that's something

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    There's software you can buy that records in the background of whatever your table's computer software that comes with it. I'm not sure which one is the best but I'd look into something like that.

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    Hey, if you want to produce a good recording with a crowd mics and all, I suggest you get additional mixer. Use output from the house mixer (the one that outputs your set to the house) to your mixer. Run additional mics to your mixer as well, so that you would not get any microphone feedback. Then you can get the output from your mixer to your computer, or any other device to record the set along with the crowd mics.

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