Release Date: 22 April 2013

01. The Darksider
02. Nothing But A Shadow

Although number 13 is often perceived as unlucky, one can't say such thing about this EP on #darkalliance. Two hot upcoming talents from Ukraine and Russia, Dmitri Akkerman and Ilya Bezlepkin betters known as Holbrook & SkyKeeper, bring their two massive tracks into the daylight. Connecting the best of both worlds, big room and dark progressive trance, The Darksider delivers its huge and dark main theme alongside driving saw bassline and very punchy drumbeat and make this track absolutely dancefloor-ready, which was proved in January 2013 during Essential Vibes with KhoMha by Darkployers who dropped it and made people go absolutely crazy. Second track, Nothing But A Shadow is all about the lovely oldschool vibe, bringing the memories of the old day of progressive house and trance. Great work on the details and background layers is followed by the amazing and touching melody and shows that the se guys are on really on fire and are a big hope for the progressive trance scene.