Nerutto - Then There Was Summer [FZR010]

1 Nerutto - Then There Was Summer (Original Mix)
2 Nerutto - Then There Was Summer (Daga Remix)
3 Nerutto - Then There Was Summer (Vince Forwards Remix)

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Release Date:
Beatport Apr 08, 2013
iTunes/Juno Records May 08, 2013

As the season starts to warm up, so do our releases. It is always our
pleasure in bringing you that warm Fuzzy feeling so we are proud to
present you with Nerutto’s latest release “Then There Was Summer”. The
original mix by Nerutto is a soothing delight filled with soft
filtering and well balanced pads. The breakdown and buildup is
arranged beautifully as he isolates certain synths and gently brings
them all together.

Daga AKA Giorgio Cusinato from Italy delivers a brilliant remix of
“When There Was Summer” by incorporating a wide variety of beautifully
balanced and designed instruments. With the track sped up to 130bpm
and focusing on a louder kick, snare, and different chord progression,
this track is completely transformed into a powerful and driving
melodic gem.

From the Netherlands we have an intelligent remix from Vince Forwards.
By adding his unique signature touches with a more prominent presence
of piano accompanied by an atmospheric pad, Mr. Forwards does an
awesome job in taking you on a melodic and atmospheric journey.

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