eJay products are some of the most loved pieces of software to grace our PCs. They opened up music making to the masses, granting everyone the ability to make great tunes.

Wired have licensed eJay, with one very simple and clear mission to bring eJay back.
eJay Pure is the first multi-genre eJay product developed especially for iOS and Android users. It will incorporate professional and up to date music samples, mixed with simplified music creation functionality.
eJay Pure is bringing the original eJay ethos of fun, addictive and simplified music making, to a new generation of users.

eJay Pure will be free for everyone to download and enjoy. You will get the full eJay experience from the first moment. If you enjoy what you create, you will be able to further your experience by purchasing additional features and buying many thousands of samples which will be constantly created.

eJay Pure is being developed from the ground up for touch screens so that the user interface is intuitive and the experience is fast and seamless.
Wired have been working on eJay Pure for 9 months, and have completed pre-production, technology tests, R&D, and have even started making some of the cutting edge samples that defined the eJay experience.

If you know about eJay products, you’ll know what is coming. Anyone that has had an eJay experience remembers it fondly. These products were fun, innovative and probably had a huge impact on your life! If you don’t, then you are in for a treat. A productive app, that has all the feel good elements that will have you shouting from the roof tops.