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Russian artist Gregory Esayan has had great success with his recent progressive house contributions on our Arrival division. This time around, we are treated to the more chilled side of his music. Silk Sofa proudly presents Esayan's "Innerspace", as well as two visionary remixes by Harold-Alexis and Sean Mackey.

The original mix quickly establishes a unique, mesmerizing atmosphere. Soothing pads and an outstanding breakbeat are added, as well as hypnotizing female vocal elements. The break introduces lush guitar melodies, which sit brilliantly in the mix alongside numerous other gorgeous melody layers. The breakbeat continues to dominate the track, while the tranquil vocal elements occasionally permeate the soundscape, to poignant effect.

Canadian artist and Silk Sofa resident Harold-Alexis returns to the label after a best-selling remix of djSaint's "Souls". His rendering starts off with an enjoyable breakbeat, coupled with soothing background pad layers. Later, a main theme lead is introduced, also accompanied by a supporting melody on top for extra texture. A piano line is added, soon to be replaced by a refreshing arpeggio lead, and these eventually coalesce to form a perfect outro with stunning synth effects.

Sean Mackey, a rising New Zealand-based producer, is a new addition to the Silk Sofa roster. His remix begins with a smooth, glitchy beat, as well as an enjoyable background piano line. Vocal stems are added as floating, supportive backing effects, and the main vocal line from the original mix has a prominent role as well. Later in the song, a piano melody further spices up the soundscape.

Cat#: SILKSF055
Beatport release date: April 11th, 2013
iTunes release date: April 25th, 2013
Genre: chillout, downtempo
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

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Jaytech, Solarstone, Ruben de Ronde, Claes Rosen, Wahed Achterberg, Juan Cruz Gonzalez, Rose & Paul, Soarsweep / Smooth Stab, Stephen J. Kroos, Stan Chetverikov, Gregory Esayan, Myon and Shane54, Aeron Aether, Adam Byrd, James Warren, Daniel Davis, Faskil, DJ Orion, Kenneth Thomas, Flash Brothers, Abdomen Burst, Jerry Chiu, Deepsense, Dynamic Illusion, PHW, Urban Breathe, Johan Vilborg, Dash Berlin, Sunn Jellie

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Photographer: Sorin Bogdan