It’s time to step the tempo up, with some driving progressive trance back on the label and we are thrilled to have one of our close friends back in the PHW building. Hailing from Poland, Krzysztof Palickislowly but steady has started to build a name about himself on the scene, and here he is back with a 2 track EP together with us.First up this time is a track baptized with the title “BERtoLAX”. Here you will get a truly energetic piece of progressive trance, filled with the characteristic massive and driving bass chords that this youngster so often spoil us with. Having that said, you will have them in a blend mix with thick kicks, cool melodies and a bunch of twists and turns throughout the track. We believe this is another club stomper coming right at ya!The second track, “LA Skyline” is another driving piece, so rough and so dirty but still with a great and melodic touch. Big rough elements are mixed with small melodic ones to give this production a great texture, through the breakdown, you will face his rare talent to be creative with pads and effects and we feel this is just top notch from Krzysztof once again on our label, we are truly pleased!

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