*Supported by Mark Pledger, Tempo Giusto, Giuseppe Ottaviani, T.O.M, Ken Spector, Adam Meza, John Gibbons, Suzy Solar, Type 41, Paul Pearson, Karybde & Scylla, Mario Ayuda, LRCN etc.*
*Suzy Solar: Awesome sound, I'm really digging this track!*
*Mark Pledger: Cool!*
*Tempo Giusto: Stands out real well!*
*T.O.M: Love this!*

"Wintersoul" by Genesis is one of the more interesting tracks in the progressive genre to come out in the early 2013. The core of the track is a cyclic harmonic structure which remains essentially the same throughout the development. On top of this basic framework different melodies and themes are arranged in a rich and aurally immersive texture. Not only are the structure and arrangement well laid but the themes are of the kind of musical originality which catches any ear. To perfect the finesse, the sound timbres are so carefully selected and crafted that, creating a flawlessly flowing progressive tune.


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Track list:
1. Wintersoul (Original Mix)
Catalogue: ER137
Release date: 07-04-2013