We have a good news bad news kinda situation going on here.

Lets rip that bad news band aid off first shall we? Nice and quick...

Here goes, Beat Service shall NOT be playing May11th, due to complications with his visa Once again we have been foiled by our arch nemesis, US Immigration laws! Grrr.

I know that hurt, but it's OK, time to metaphorically kiss the boo boo and make it all go away with the GOOD NEWS.

We have found what we believe is a suitable replacement. So get ready for...

Rank 1 !!!! on Sat. May 11th alongside Sneijder :D

Here at Esscala when life gives us lemons, we say screw making lemonade, lets just freeze the lemons and throw them back at life really hard.

40 E 58th Street, New York, NY