Hello there,

We are proud to present our new record label 'Sensual Bliss Recordings'. As some people already knew, the term 'Sensual Bliss' is generated from the online radio show 'Sensual Bliss' which it airs on Afterhours.fm exclusively, and other stations as well.

Official Website (Still under-construction)

Also, we are always looking for new upcoming talents. If you believe you have a solid production that deserves recognition, Sensual Bliss Recordings will take your work to the next level.

Normally, we should reply to all your demos within 72 hours. However, sometimes it may take an extra period due to our busy schedule. Don't send your demos again or keep email-ing about it.
You'll get your reply whether it's a positive or a negative one.

But before submitting, make sure you follow and read carefully the following guidelines:

- Provide at least 192k version of your demo. (320k recommended)
- Make sure that the track is completely finished. Do not send unfinished works.
- If you can't provide a direct link, send them via Sendspace ONLY.
- In case of sending the demo via e-mail, don't under any circumstances attach your track to the mail.

Send your demos to our official demo e-mail:

Or submit your demo via Sensual Bliss Recordings Soundcloud page dropbox.

Good Luck with your submission!

Sensual Bliss Recordings