Didnīt know where else to put this so here goes....

The thing is my friends and i are planning on going this year. This would be our first time.
I know itīs a long time from now but it never hurts to know some facts right? :D

The thing is the official website is total crap and there is little to none useful info on it.


So id like some first hand experience from someone whos been there before.

Now the thing is that as far as i can tell. There will be no ticket sales online. You can buy tickets from the gate & the prices vary depending on the need. Meaning....i can pay way more or less than the average party goer all depending on my time or date of arrival?? :D
What were the ticket prices for you guys and did they really vary?
Also what about accomodation? And the vibe and well....i guess the very experience you had on kazan tip :D

Would be a shame to drive 2 500 km to get distracted by things that could have been set straight before :D