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Thread: 2007|01|28 Thomas Sagstad Pres Everybody needs a groove 001

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    2007|01|28 Thomas Sagstad Pres Everybody needs a groove 001

    Thomas Sagstad Pres Everybody needs a groove
    2nd and 4th Sundays

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    Heya guys!

    Finally back with a new episode of my show! Sorry i kept you waiting, but with a computer crash + Holiday, its not always easy putting together a show!

    Anyways , from today you`ll get your biweekly dose off everybody needs a

    I`ll post the tracklist aftershow are done!



    Thomas Sagstad

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    Show is going awesome Thomas! congratulations!! love this track!

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    Cheers Ian!

    Glad your enjoyin it!

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    Heey Thomas...Nice set man, really enjoying it :-) Greets from Holland

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    Cheers to those who took the time ch00nin in !

    Hope to see you all in to weeks, same time, same channel!

    Ill post the tracklist here ASAP!



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    Here is the tracklist from last night!

    Thanx again to all who took time tuning in!

    1.)Djaimin - Give You feat. Crystal Re-clear (Pastaboys Dub Mix)
    2.)Booka Shade - Darko - Booka's Funk Da Funk Mix (Booka Shade Meets Hot Chip Mixes)
    4.)Chris Lake, Micky Slim - Shake
    5.)Furry Nipples - Why (Dumb Dan Remix)
    6.)Craig C Dub N'Dea Davenport - One Day My Love
    7.)Derrick Carter - To Do
    8.)Edu Reig - My Heart Beats
    9.)Solee - Impressed
    10.)Lifelike, Kris Menace - Discopolis (Chris Lake Remix)



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