This time we are proud to present a solo project of Orbion - a producer full of inspiration, who is only 19 years old. Orbion aka Yevheniy Hrubashchuk from Ukraine has been already successfully released on CFR as part of Quantum & Orbion project and now Yevheniy delivers to us brilliant single full of unique emotions Vivaldi.

The release consists of Intro, Original and Radio progressive styled mixes. "Vivaldi" release received such a title not just to honour the famous virtuoso violinist and composer but to describe all the expressive feelings and emotions with the help of strings and violins.
From the very first minutes you may hear nice and groovy baseline combined with parts of melodic pluck synth and after some time lead synth steps in. Later on, mixture of sounds smoothly transforms into what makes the "Vivaldi" track unique - a tender breakdown where the magic full of expressive synths and strings begin to conquer our hearts. And on the release Orbion lifts up with the powerful epic sounds that would simply take you away.


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