G-Tek - Dirac Sea[FZR012]

1 G-Tek - Dirac Sea (Original Mix)
2 G-Tek - Dirac Sea (D05 Remix)
3 G-Tek - Dirac Sea (Matt Fax Presents Soundraw Remix)
4 G-Tek - Dirac Sea (Sean Eryx Remix)

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Release Date:
Beatport Apr 22, 2013
iTunes/Juno Records May 22, 2013

It is with great pleasure for Fuzzy Records to bring you the latest works of renowned Panamanian DJ and producer G-Tek. His new single titled “Dirac Sea” is simply best described as a deep driving progressive delight. G-Tek’s masterpiece starts off with a simple but effective drum pattern accompanied by a subtle warm pad. Deeper into the groove and once the bassline grab your attention the song takes off into a synth-gasmic rollercoaster.
Also featured on the EP is a stunning remix Deepen Ravalia A.K.A. D05. This UK producer takes the original and spices it up with a slightly stronger kick and prominent snare/clap . With innovated sprinkles of 8bit leads and stuttering effects well placed throughout the track you’ll definitely want to take another listen or two to fully absorb and appreciate his level of creativity.

The thrid remix is from 16 Year Old Progressive prodigy, Matt Fax. This young French producer lays down the remix with a very solid groove and bassline. Matt does an outstanding job in taking you on a deep progressive journey by incorporating beautifully designed and dynamically placed percussions, pads, synths, and vocal samples. The way he breaks down the track with wide ambient pads and brings you back into the groovy beat before you lose interest is an art form in itself.

Last but not least we have French newcomer Sean Eryx. Mr. Eryx’s interpretation of “Dirac Sea” involves a bit more use of arps, percussion, and sound effects but keeps the original driving vibe of the original tune.

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