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This is a new set that I would like to share with you all! It's a more deeper side of progressive-trance that I love to play.


01 Eric Rigo - Morning in Tokyo (Original Mix) [PHW]
02 Firas Tarhini - Blue fire (Original Mix) [PHW]
03 Alexander Byrka & Bianco Soleil - Summer breeze (Talamanca Remix) [ESM]
04 AKI Amano - Breath of air (Original Mix) [PHW]
05 Alex Byrka - Ocean of love (Original Mix) [PHW]
06 Blue Harvest - Falling leaves (Kirill Nikolaev Remix) [PHW]
07 Mathaden - Above all (Original Mix) [ESM]
08 Tommy Baynen - An ocean without water (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
09 Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue ft. Ana Criado - Fallen angel (Lange Remix) [High Contrast]
10 Speed Limits and T4L - Solar guitar (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

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