Matthew Burton (Leftroom/Visionquest)
34th Street John (TBA Brooklyn)

Free B4 Midnight/$10 After

Matthew Burton has been involved in electronic music for over 10 years, with his passion for quality underground dance music starting with trips to the Bomb nightclub in Nottingham when he was still in his teens. He then, slowly but surely, began producing music himself. After finishing the first full track he was completely happy with, Matthew was instantly hooked and has been solidly making underground, groove-ridden music for over 8 years.

Matthew started working with Nottingham based Shrink Records and then quickly went on to work with Multi Vitamins and Connect Four Records. He has recently been working closely with Leftroom and Retrofit which are both London based, and is releasing on Sammy Dee’s new project, Ultrastretch. Matthew has also recently released music with Nick Lawson on Visionquest , Fear of Flying and Cityfox record labels, and has a full EP with Kate Rathod that was released on Visionquest in march 2012. Matthew has also recently started a vinyl only record label with Kate called Shifted Flow where they release their own diverse productions and also run label parties across Europe. You can expect a new release shortly on Shifted Flow and Matthew also has two EPs coming out on Connect Four Records and Back To You records this spring.

Alongside producing, Matthew began djing back in 2006. He started to play regularly at Stealth nightclub in Nottingham and from then on, momentum picked up for spinning records in his local midlands area. In 2008, a move to Berlin saw him able to play at top venues like Panorama Bar, Weekend club, Club der Visionaere and many more, along side trips across Europe to perform.

At the end of 2010, Matthew moved to London for a year which gave him the chance to concentrate on making music and developing a live act with his production partner, Kate Rathod, and also allowed him to become a part of the London music scene which bought him gigs at many of the London clubs including Fabric. Matthew however could not resist the laid back lifestyle of Berlin – which is where, once again, they are both now based…

When it comes to djing, Matthew’s style is very eclectic and sees him combining slow, trippy house and techno with dark electronica, also squeezing in elements of dub reggae and african influenced music. When playing, he is not afraid to slip between styles arguing that what really matters is a strong feeling of groove and soul to the music.