DR047 Dean Thomas - Whilst You Were Gone

Uplifting Mix
Emotional Mix

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Worldwide release - 3rd July 2013

A prolific remixer on the label thus far, Dean Thomas makes his full original debut on Digitized Recordings with Whilst You Were Gone.

The Original Mix is a pure uplifter, with a deep and emotional breakdown, huge melody and a driving bassline. The Emotional Mix gives more prominence to the melody and progressions with an emotionally-charged breakdown and drop. Both mixes are fine examples of emotional, uplifting trance and are perfect for peak-time sets.

This is an original debut not to be missed!

The release has had massive support from the likes of:

Manuel Le Saux, Photographer, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Touchstone, Full Effect, The Technicians, Lazarus, Phalanx, Daniel Skyver, Richie Alexander, Matt Bowdidge, Mr Carefull, Laura May, Glynn Alan, Phil Taylor, Ascania, El Jay, Pusher, Ollie Jaye, Space Garden, Akeni, Gav Pilling, Bluehawk, Ian Standerwick, David McRae, Chris Cockerill, Gareth Weston, John Gibbons, Dave Gormas, Suprano, Suzy Solar, Adam Ellis, Simon Bostock, Anderson Noise, Vicky Wood, Chaim Mankoff, Above The Clouds, Abstract Vision, Steve Allen, Victor Prada, Adam Meza, Dave Disley, Filip Marak, Derek Moffat, Dave Horne, Karybde And Scylla, Paul Todd, Estigma, Mark Winstanley, Physical Phase, Iversoon, Xmania, Kaeno, Dean Thomas, Justin Grimes, Crystal Clouds, Markus Schulz, Function C, Marten Dejong, Andrea Mazza, Si Whelan, Costa Panatzis, Sy Gardner, El Haag Martin, Bryan Summerville, Robert Vadney, North Pole, Ozzy XPM, Gordon Coutts, Marko Ruusuvirta, M.I.K.E. (Push), Tom Yelland, Burak Harsitlioglu, Evan Pearce, Paul Pearson, Curtis & Craig, Neil Hunter, Amitacek, Katy Rutkovski, Cliffy Burrows, Nick The Kid, Dave Deen plus many more.

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