Artist: Josh Tree
Title: Balls
Release: 22.05.2013
Genres: Electro/Techno/Minimal

1) Show some balls (07:21)
2) Gustav (07:58)
3) Foolish (08:05)
4) Frozen love (07:12)

About the release:
Finally, the time has come, Josh Tree from Basel releases his first EP called „Balls“ on Dirty Cat Records. Four minimal-techno tracks at its best. Driving beats, creaking basses, playfull percussions, unusual, trippy, home-made samples. When you don’t expect it, a bassdrum, a hihat, a snare beginns. He takes you to a journey through his past, through his influences and arrives to surprise you again and again. We are proud to present to you with Josh Tree a high talented musician and we are curious about more surprises.

About the artist:
The musical creation of josh tree began not only for the love of music, but also that he was looking for a way to give shape to his own fantasy so he can impart mystical pictures and different worlds to public.
The mixture of his own faszination of repetitive synapse tickling music and great pleasure of technical equipment, little lights and buttons brings him to an intense affection for electronic music.
His dj career began early and became a long journey through different styles of music.
But he turns quickly to electronic music though because this style of music gives scope to imagination and fantasy as well as to creativity.
Through his audio engineering education Josh Tree could extend his knowledge about music production monumental and to gain experience in areas like scoring dance and theatre too.
Over the years Josh Tree could refine his technique of mixing music more and more and he could excite the audience with his not always easily digestible, often dark and mystic sounds.
The exploring of worlds of feelings like the deep chasms of our being and hidden desires have priority in his productions too. He enhances the experience of the tonal worlds, which rise like this, with a rich portion of rhythm for shaking and travel with.
During his producer work, Josh Tree fiddles particularly with the analogue modular synthesis and he is looking for a special sound experience, which betrayes you not only into dancing but also into being thought-provoking.

Some reactions:
Jen & Berry's (SASOMO Bookings, katerholzig) - FROZEN LOVE sounds quite impressing, very cool sound cuts, lovely merged into one track. Cool one! FOOLISH remembers of Lake People a bi, very cool, very atmospheric. We like that! SHOW SOME BALS and GUSTAV are too minimalistic for our mixes, but well produced ;)
Mijk van Dijk (Microglobe Productions) - „Show some Balls“ is really funny, makes me all smiles, love to play this..
Gabriel Le Mar (le mar production) - Very nice EP – Foolish is my fav – i love smooth atmo and guitar in there – big – up!
Martin Dacar (Sonett/Supdub/Finn/TLK) - Awesome Tracks! Show some Balls and Foolish are my faves! Thank you !!!
Roland M. Dill (Herzblut Traum Trapez Punch) - Frozen live is cool!!! Thanks will play for sure!
Joy Kitikonti (Nervous Footloversmusic Wildliebe F) - I really love the release! Thanks.
Die Haustiere (Movida Rec / Hoehenregler) - Nice deep minimal sounds. Nice release, full support.
Alexander Bien ( - Interesting release! Downloading for! Thank you!
Zweiklang (Solardish Records) - Deep elements in here
kosmos (tracy) - Love the space and the eerie melodies. Nice release, full support!
Sergio Gomes (BREAKS lda.) - Some nice sounds inside....
Omar Salgado (Ouh! ma… / Numbolic) - Nice tunes… My fav is Gustav. Will play. Thanks. Full support!
Du Sant (Krad Records/Musickollektiv/Plunk!) - Excellent ep, thanks!
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) - Interesting minimal deep. I will try on my Deepfusion 4 sure. Gracias.
Pierce (Get Digital / MBF / Trapez Ltd. / Traum / Yellow Tail) - Gustav is veeery cool stuff!
Repton (Login Records) - Show some balls best for me here but all ep very interesting.
Laurent N. (LCR & Electropival Records) - Foolish track for me : nice one. Will play & support!
The Freak Factory (The Room,Tobus,Malicious Smile) - Wickeeed!! :D will try some tracks for sure!