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Thread: Trance top 1000

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    Trance top 1000

    I don't know if any of you have seen or voted for the trance top 1000 poll 2013, but I'm really pissed that the atlantis mix of Solarstone - Seven Cities, in my opinion the best track ever made, is not even in the list. I'm also dissappointed because I see trouse house and even pop in the chart.

    If you want to say which track should be higher in the chart, feel free to discuss it on this thread!
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    The top 1000 chart you are thinking about is probably the Armada's All Time Trance Top 1000
    (Can be found here:
    Now, remember this is an Armada's Top 1000 list, so it definitely shouldn't be taken 100% seriously.
    Just look at it: 103 Armin tracks! 10,3% of a of 1000 tracks, that's just ridiculous.
    So, don't take it seriously, it is not a good list at all.

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