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Jack Moss

J00F Editions lives to return the music to the clubs. In whatís become an era of celebrity guest DJ culture, true music, its fans and new talent have been disconnected. J00F Editions lives to reconnect it and re-ignite what drew clubbers in the very beginning.

J00F Editions lives to return the musical journey to the people; in events devoid of props, pyrotechnics and faux VIPís instead returning to a world where a DJ can musically breathe with extended sets and creative sounds. Returning to a space where all venues will be stripped back to their original roots, augmenting only the sound systems and lighting, not stage dancers.

John 00 Fleming himself will program the entire night, technically recreating the same essence delivered in his much lauded recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. J00F Editions will introduce new talent, handpicked by John, to reinforce the event on the music, the night, and the journey. This exclusivity further extends to each J00F Editions venue, as they must synergistically match with Johnís artistic approval.

If you can remember a time when electronic music wasnít diluted then J00F Editions is for you. If youíve known nothing else but musical predictability then J00F Editions is for you.

Come and be part of a new movement. A movement that returns the club to the clubbers.

Tickets £5 before midnight £7 after

H Club, 16 Church Road, Hove, Brighton, England.
01273 725890