Wednesday July 3rd 2013

This is a chance to come together and reaffirm our bonds, to celebrate our strength and creativity. It's a chance to hear the sounds of an international lineup committed to pushing forward the evolution of music. This event is a celebration of dance and it's a chance to stand together because together we are EXPLOSIVE!


The worlds No.1 Female DJ
★★★★★ LISA LASHES ★★★★★
☾Lashed Music / Discover Dark / London UK☽

Top Producers of The Harder-Edge EDM Movement
★★★★★ ORGAN DONORS ★★★★★
☾druck / Perfecto / England☽

The one that will have you "Stimulated"
★★★★★ X-DREAM ★★★★★
☾Stimulant / Stimulant Recordings / NY☽

B.A.D.A.S.S Bass Maestro
★★★★★ 2RIP ★★★★★
☾Steez Promo / B.A.D.A.S.S. / DC-Baltimore☽

New York's fastest rising star
★★★★★ NOOMI RA ★★★★★
☾Digital Distortion / NYC☽

Putting you in a Complex State
★★★★★ Ю.Vк ★★★★★
☾Moto Oto Records / O.U Records / 666 Lights / NY☽

One of NYC's Hottest up and coming Hardstyle Performers
★★★★★ SYNCERE ★★★★★
☾Synful Dreamz Ent. / Keep Banging Crew / NY☽

TICKETS: http://www.flavorus.com/explosive
18 To Sparkle
21 To Explode
More About the Artists:

Lashed Music / Discover Dark / London UK

When not headlining at one of Europes top festivals such as Global Gathering, Creamfields and Dance Valley; or playing to her adoring fans at some of the UKs biggest domestic nights such as Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Inside Out and Planet Love ; Lisas musical adventure regularly sees her packing her suitcase and touring her style to another corner of the globe.

Since the golden days of hard house, Lisa has diversified her sound ,slowing the BPMs and incorporating uplifting and tech trance into her sets, which now sees her playing as a global headliner on the international scene alongside such stars as Sander van Doorn, Marco V and Ferry Corsten.

Never one to sit back, Lisa has been hard at work in the studio pushing this new sound through with several releases already under her belt on labels including High Contrast, Spinnin, Musical Madness & Discover. Lisas music has picked up plays from a huge range of DJs around the world including Armin Van Burren, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, and Paul van Dyk ,a regular on Radio One via Judge Jules & Kutski, along with many tracks that were quickly snapped up to albums worldwide; including Godskitchen, Ministry of Sound and Techno Club .
Let the party continue...


Harder edged trance & tech is fast becoming the next trend in dance music and the Organ Donors, with their 15 year history in the harder forms, are leading the way with their new genre crossing Hard Edge sound & productions, gaining support from the worlds biggest dj's inc Armin van Buuren & Marco V, & record labels Armada & Reset! With over 50 Radio 1 plays in little over a year the new groundbreaking Organ Donors sound has revolutionized the British hard dance scene, influencing producers & changing the perception on whats acceptable & possible within the genre. Now also being supported by the worlds biggest trance djs the Organ Donors are at the forefront of a modern dance music revolution, and they are only just getting started!

(Stimulant/Stimulant Recordings NY)

X-Dream has been causing Dance Floor mayhem for over 2 decades by consistently reinventing himself to keep pace with the ever-changing Electronic Dance Music Movement.

X-Dream has gained the admiration of party-club goers nationwide with his impeccable mixing and intuitive gift for rocking dance floors. His travels have spanned across the United States and Canada, including stops in Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, Orlando, Ottawa, Atlanta and Dallas to name a few. Plus gracing the DJ booth at renowned clubs such as Limelight, Tunnel, Exit, Vinyl, Shelter and the Roxy in New York City, Buzz in D.C., Shampoo and Motion in Philadelphia, to demonstrate just some of his accomplishments.

Regarded as one of the East Coasts finest DJ talents X-Dream has played some of the Nations largest and best events with key international talents including: Showtek, Richie Hawtin, Armand Van Helden, Moby, Crystal Method, Headhunterz, DJ Dan, and Bad Boy Bill, in addition to countless others.

He is also the Founder of New York based Stimulant Inc. X-Dream has been at the forefront of underground Dance Culture for many years with no sign of stopping.

Those that have heard his sets know he causes Dance Floor Annihilation whenever he performs!

(Steez Promo / B.A.D.A.S.S. MD-DC)

The history of DJ 2rips career in the dance music industry is hard to sum up in just a few words. For nearly two decades his music has reached coast to coast, while his performances continue to deliver a unique sentiment. His latest shows have been billed amongst some of the largest names in the industry as he has blossomed from and underground rave DJ in nineties to playing festivals boasting an attendance of over 13,000 people.

After fall of 2009 his popularity in the rave, dubstep & electro scenes skyrockets and fans have been following with loyalty ever since. During this time span he completed over 100 shows and was offered to perform several large festivals including Starscape and Big Dub Festival.

With over 50,000 YouTube views, 12,000 followers on Facebook, over 8000 plays on Soundcloud he remains poised for stardom as he embarks on a mission to promote his production work. Some of his remixes have included renditions of "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson and "Spiders" by System of a Down. The year 2012 has been a year of promise so far for 2rip and 2013 looks even brighter.

(Digital Distortion)

New York City Based Producer/DJ Noomi Ra was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Traveling often at a young age; he grew up in Frankfurt, London, Dubai & everywhere in between until he landed in New York. During his journey he was exposed to many cultures and all sorts of music, however it was electric dance music that caught his ear. In 2008 he started experimenting with DJing and played his first gig on September 27, 2010. Since then it's been a roller coaster ride playing at some of NYC's biggest clubs & warehouses such as Pacha, Governors Island, The Hangar, Amazura & Electric Warehouse. Since then his name has been on line ups with some of the biggest names the EDM world has to offer such as Showtek, Afrojack, Skrillex, Fatboy Slim, Ken Loi, James Zabiela, Headhunterz and Eco. In 2012 his mind was focused on production, working on progressive sounds with a techy flow - as he likes to call it, "Progressive Tech Trouse". His highly anticipated EP "Bass Couture" will be released early 2013. You can catch Noomi Ra playing at Ultra Music Festival 2013 in Miami, gracing the same stage as legends Wally Lopez and Marco Bailey.


Notoriety and credit is superfluous after nearly two decades as an underground artist, DJ, an awarded music producer, international electronic music events coordinator, enthusiast, radio personality, political activist, globally known by his popular international music performances as Doctor Voodoo or "A Complex State."

Early on, the artist was nicknamed by his peers because of his Afro-Caribbean religious beliefs and cultural infusions from his adolescence living in the melting pot of America, later his anonymous nickname was used to promote the underground subculture activities in the rave music movement beginning in the early 1990's. Warehouses, Industrial areas and abandoned buildings were often used on weekends and invaded with massive sound systems, stage structures, pulsing lights, bright decorations and thousands of rave music enthusiasts who would gather to listen to the heart thumping electronic music non-stop from sunset to sunrise where DJ's would mix electronic dance music uninterrupted droning for numerous hours, often for a free admission or a small fee to protest the mainstream markets of commercial music and this spread across the U.S and throughout Europe. The true origins of the rave culture are unknown but several sources say it came from the earlier electronic music movements of the disco era starting in the late 1970's and grew from multiple locations. Many foundations of this culture came together to form what we know as modern day rave culture."


One of NYC's Hottest up and coming Hardstyle Performers. DJ SYNCERE has over a decade on the decks and is continuing to rise to the top of his game.

DJ SYNCERE was born in New York City, raised in The Bronx, and was introduced to the club scene at the tender age of 13. He got his first taste of EDM as soon as he stepped into the world famous nightclub, Limelight. The vibe of over 700+ club kids combined with electronic music changed this young man FOREVER. From then on, he was addicted to electronic music and has been in and out of clubs, raves, weekly parties, and just about ANY party you can attend to hear pounding, hard bass in NYC, ranging from Drum-n-Bass to Gabber.

Though a late bloomer to play live, he debuted at the largest Hardcore EDM event, 666 MASSIVE. Since then, he has graced the many stages of RAGE-sponsored events and has taken the NYC rave scene by storm. DJ SYNCERE has kept it underground for the duration of his rising career, premiering at almost every OUTLAW rave NYC has had to offer in the past three years. He was considered 2011s top Hardstyle act in NYC and has induced outbreaks of manic dancing wherever he has performed.

His specialty is Hard Trance and Hardstyle but he hopes to evolve as a DJ and as an artist so he can spin along side some of the greatest DJs to emerge out of NYC

DJ SYNCERE is a music mix-master and an underground tour de force. You will not see him coming but YOU'LL KNOW WHEN HE ARRIVES.


Epic Glowrm

Ronnie C

Tiffany Reptar

We are setting off Explosive in NYC this time! More intimate setting and of course state of the art sound, visuals and lighting will be present. We strongly encourage you to purchase advance tickets as we believe this will sell out in advance.

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