Balearía - Antique Cities EP - Abora Chillout - 2013

Catalogue Number: ABCH006
Release Date: June 3, 2013
Genre: downtempo, tribal

Balearía makes his debut on Abora with three wonderful chillout tracks showcasing the flavors of three historic cities on three different continents of the world.

Chichén Itzá takes you back to the Mayans in Mexico and starts with enchanting vocals and a well-defined duduk. Accompanying it are soothing piano tear drops that set the atmosphere of the track, which is to relax you through blissful peace.

Anatolia also begins with a strong duduk and enchanting vocals. Then gradually tribal drums appear. The track carries on with an enchanting piano and warm pads to make you feel you're in Turkey admiring its beauty and peace.

Djanet (Saharan Paradise), named for a large city in the Algerian Sahara, again maintains the key musical themes of the EP by starting with duduk and vocals. The duduk is more defined, setting it as the soul of this track. The duduk carries you to bliss and peace, with the downtempo drum beats acting like the heart of the track.

More information:

1. Balearía - Chichén Itzá
2. Balearía - Anatolia
3. Balearía - Djanet (Saharan Paradise)


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