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Thread: 6/29-NYC Deep-Girls vs Boys-BBQ + Afterhours-Loft Party

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    6/29-NYC Deep-Girls vs Boys-BBQ + Afterhours-Loft Party

    Saturday, June 29th, 2013, 6pm-5am

    DJ Justice presents
    NYC Deep-Girls vs Boys
    Sunset Loft Party + BBQ + Afterhours

    The Girls: Francesca Magliano, Selectress Iriela,
    Jen Blaze & Pinkie Tuscadaro

    The Boys: Master Kev, Justice, Househead Pete &

    This event will take place at a secret loft location in
    Bushwick, BK.

    You MUST RSVP to for reduced list
    & location.

    $15 with RSVP / $20 general

    The Space: Disguised as a yoga studio it features plush hardwood floors, plenty of room for dancing, high ceilings, a backyard, and a rooftop! Please respect this space as if it were your home and the neighbors (no lingering outside)

    The Food: In addition to your soul, While you're dancing, you can also treat your taste buds to our 100% Organic Grass Fed Beef BBQ, We are contracting with local farmers to bring you the freshest meat and salads possible (direct from the farm, no middleman, no antibiotics, no preservatives, not frozen.. Taste the difference) Food extra


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    Don't forget YOU MUST RSVP to for address and reduced list!

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