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For Silk Sofa's newest release, Latvian artist Puremusic showcases "My Religion". This song is taken from his upcoming artist album on Silk Sofa, and it is accompanied by two tremendous remixes from established label residents Gridlocked and Owen Ear.

The original mix starts off with an intriguing breakbeat, accompanied by soothing, sweeping background pad layers and sound effects. The theme guitar riff slowly gains its dominant position in the song, while numerous inspiring synth elements vary the textures in the track. Long-time label contributor Gridlocked (UK) returns with his interpretation of "My Religion". His remix quickly establishes a mesmerizing atmosphere, including a wealth of lovely string layers. Hypnotizing background effects and piano melodies spice up the atmosphere, resulting in a delightful listening experience. Following his acclaimed "Expectation" EP on Silk Sofa, Ukrainian artist Owen Ear contributes with the last remix. A blissful breakbeat brilliantly introduces the track, and various rhodes elements are added on top. Throughout the track, a vast array of interesting new melodies are added, combining beautifully into a captivating soundscape.

Cat#: SILKSF059
Beatport release date: June 6th, 2013
iTunes release date: June 20th, 2013
Genre: chillout, downtempo
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

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Solarstone, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, James Warren, Shawn Mitiska, Juan Cruz Gonzalez, Stefan Weise, Wahed Achterberg, Soarsweep / Smooth Stab, Rose & Paul, Marsh, Peter Illias, eleven.five, Kenneth Thomas, Jerry Chiu, DJ Orion, Dash Berlin, Myon and Shane54, PHW, Stephen J. Kroos, Daniel Davis, Flash Brothers, Stan Chetverikov, Alex Drayling

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Photographer: Sorin B.