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Thread: Darin Epsilon pres. Eventide 'Cosmic Discovery (KT & Arnas D / Dale Middleton Mixes)

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    Darin Epsilon pres. Eventide 'Cosmic Discovery (KT & Arnas D / Dale Middleton Mixes)

    Darin Epsilon pres. Eventide - Cosmic Discovery - [Perspectives Digital]

    01. Cosmic Discovery (Original Mix)
    02. Cosmic Discovery (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)
    03. Cosmic Discovery (Dale Middleton Remix)

    Listen & Download Here

    Anderson Noise - 5/5, great
    Andy Moor - Fav Track: Cosmic Discovery (Original Mix), cool
    Antix/Fiord - Super nice Ep. Loving the Kastis & Arnas mix. Nice work!
    Benoit (Tsugi) - cool ep
    Cevin Fisher - LUSH .. VERY NICE !!! CFNYC
    Cid Inc - both original and Kastis & Arnas mix for me, good stuff
    D-Nox - kastis & arnas remix for me
    Dave Seaman - good remixes!
    Flash Brothers - Very nice original, thanks :-)
    Guy Mantzur - Love this all ep . good Luck
    Hernan Cattaneo - very good stuff. all mixes work. support (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix playlisted in Resident 108)
    Jamie Stevens - Original is nice. The rest not so much my cup of tea but nicely produced and I hope it goes well!
    John O'Callaghan - sounds great!
    Kenneth Thomas - Love the warmth on this!
    Matt Darey - KT & Arnas D i like best, pls can you send me a WAV
    Microtrauma - The Original and the Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix are really nice. Thank you!
    Miss Nine - Great remix of Cosmic Discovery. Makes me jump on a boat in the caribbean ;-)
    Nick Warren - 3 great mixes
    Oliver Schories - Very nice. Will try to play. Thank you
    Pete Tong - Fav Track: Cosmic Discovery (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix), Good
    Ruben de Ronde - Beyond fantastic! Great work
    Slam - will try out this weekend - thanx
    Tiesto - 5/5

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    The 19th release on Darin Epsilon's Perspectives Digital sees the label boss debuting a new production alias. The Los Angeles based producer has created the Eventide moniker to showcase a more uplifting style of progressive house. This new sound has been the result of his recent studio sessions and should be a delight to fans of Eric Prydz, Moonbeam, and Jody Wisternoff. With its bright and summery sound, the timing for this release couldn't be better with warm weather on the horizon.

    The Original Mix of 'Cosmic Discovery' has already seen much success at Darin’s ‘Insomniac presents Awakening’ residency at Exchange LA. An irresistible set of warm rhythmic stabs add vibrancy to the production straight away. A grinding synth with wicked modulation sits at the foundation and adds some welcome character, while the club-friendly groove provides perfect energy for the dancefloor. The introduction of a smooth melodic lead adds just the right amount of euphoric content without going too far. Glassy harmonies and bubbly melodic clusters flow effortlessly to an exhilarating climax, which should more than capture your imagination.

    Returning to Perspectives for the second time are Kastis Torrau & Arnas D. Following a production on Sasha's Last Night On Earth imprint, the Lithuanian duo released the 'Atlantic EP’ on Perspectives, which remains one of the label’s best-selling releases to date. Kastis and Arnas have taken Darin's original and transformed it into a more thought-provoking interpretation. The remix is immaculately produced and tailor-made for the club with its pulsing melodies and waves of refreshing atmosphere. A hint of the intoxicating harmonies fill the breakdown and is an ideal musical interlude before the chunky progressive beats return for a strong finish.

    UK producer Dale Middleton makes his Perspectives debut and supplies the final remix. He’s been on the top of everyone’s up-and-coming hype list since his first release on Lowbit Records back in August of 2012. Dale has since gone on to work with other highly regarded labels as Outside The Box, DAR Digital, and Mirabilis, while catching the attention of Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, and Eelke Kleijn. Dale's interpretation of 'Cosmic Discovery' begins with a deep subterranean bassline. Sparkling and hypnotic keys grace the main breakdown and build some dramatic tension before the groove fades back in with a warm rush. Smooth chord changes with a highly emotional vibe dominate the second half, which should provide epic moments on the dancefloor for months to come.

    Press text by Mitch Alexander -

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