I'm proud to present my newest release on AWJ Recordings, this is Spirit EP!


  • Nanorobotics - Curiosity
  • Nanorobotics - Opportunity
  • Nanorobotics - Ranger
  • Nanorobotics - Spirit

Release date and label:
12.6.2013 @ AWJ Recordings

Release description:
Trance producer Nanorobotics has prepared four tracks for his first release on AWJ Recordings. This EP has something for everyone, ranging from house to uplifting trance and progressive. The first track called Curiosity is an uplifting banger with a great melody and buildup. After that comes Opportunity which is even faster and harder, it sits more in the tech trance genre. The third track is called Ranger and it slows things down to a more progressive feeling with some techno influences. The last track is the main track of this release. It features great buildups and transitions with deep and dark basslines.

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